Poetry contest results

1st : Turkey 1813

She was fifteen when it came
The sun is shining through a wooden frame
Filthy floor, musty air and mouldy wall
This was not her dreamt-up goal

What her parents did she won't forget
Sold to a man with armpit always wet
Every time he abruptly came a sin was near
Hearing his steps, sweating with fear

He dressed down, the bed is squeaking
The girl with chocolate skin is weeping
Leaving after he had raped
Alone in canopy veiled bed

She can't fall asleep
The fly circulates the light
And the darkness starts to creep
Future is not bright

2nd : noname

My body layed on a very old bed with canopy
my lips touched with a cup of tea
Through my mind flew a filthy motions
but my ego was without emotions

The musty air with flavour of chocolate
circulate in my room
and I knew it
she come abruptly, soon

Five, four, three, two, one, ...
Depression come

3rd : Yesterday And Today

Yesterday my first love was in my canopy bed
Today she circulates among drivers on E55
And it makes me sad

Her filthy panties doesn't look very well
it's not a chocolate and it has a strange smell
Abruptly a good idea came to me
How rich woman now must she be

I took her away from this dirty place
I bought washmachine and I washed her face
Now we are together in the bed again
What a shock I found out she was a man

At least his panties are clean and I'm satisfied
We live together and he's happy by my side